What is the Nexus Premium Newsagency Program?

The Nexus Premium Newsagency Program (Nexus) has been set up by Pacific Magazines to support the Newsagency channel.

Nexus has been developed because suppliers have heard the newsagent’s voice and the challenges your business faces in today’s retail environment.  For the past two years we have been researching and workshopping with a variety of newsagencies, to gain a better understanding on how we can provide extra value to your business.  We have spoken one-to-one with a number of newsagents and spent time learning how you operate your businesses and what is important to you.  This hands-on research has provided us with a valuable insight into the daily challenges a newsagent faces, and we believe the Nexus will help support and, in some cases, alleviate some of these challenges.

The program is based around three core strategic imperatives – Partnership, Innovation and Commercial Return.  By building a stronger direct relationship between Pacific Magazines, suppliers and the Newsagency channel, we believe that we can deliver better results for all parties.

The Nexus recognises some key areas that we feel can positively affect your business now.  The program enables a strong marketing platform and will provide new resources that both suppliers and retailers can use to engage existing and potential consumers around your local area, encouraging them to come back into your retail space. 

The program is also designed to provide you with access to an assortment of resources and customer loyalty initiatives that will help drive foot traffic into your store and push sales across all categories, not solely Pacific Magazines titles.

Nexus aims to deliver:

  • Strong marketing collateral
  • A platform to enable strong communication between retailer and supplier
  • Increased foot-traffic to your store
  • A strong promotional calendar


Membership of Nexus will be by invitation only and is offered to high performing retailers for Pacific Magazines titles.