Better Homes and Gardens profile

Welcome to Better Homes and Gardens, Australia’s favourite homemaker magazine. For over three decades, Better Homes and Gardens has been the magazine for people who want to create a better home, garden and lifestyle for themselves and the ones they love. And how do we know it’s their favourite? Because Better Homes and Gardens is the leading title in the home and lifestyle category!

Part of the secret to our success is that Better Homes and Gardens is the broadest based homemaker magazine in the market, with a how-to/can-do approach that readers appreciate. It’s a fun and energetic magazine – a package full of what’s important in their lives, delivering an abundance of ideas and inspiration along with the information to achieve.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine has enjoyed an exciting partnership with the top-rating Better Homes and Gardens TV show on Channel Seven. They share the popular and enduring philosophy of ‘service journalism’, providing information that’s important to people. And they share content: what you see on TV is in the magazine, so if they watch on Friday night, they will be in your shop to buy on Saturday. Take advantage of that; grow your sales by actively displaying the magazine in-store on Saturday mornings - it’s our highest selling day!

Capitalise on this strength by displaying Better Homes and Gardens using the following positioning tips:

  • Primary location for Better Homes and Gardens is on the flat at the front of store next to The Australian Women’s Weekly.
  • When placed in the racking, position copies in waterfall style displays to gain additional exposure
  • Dual locate copies on the flat in the Home & Lifestyle category
  • Use your windows and high traffic locations for any promotions using the provided point of sale
  • Ensure issues promoted with added values are re-stocked and supported with point of sale

If you are an Impact merchandised account, your merchandiser will speak to you about booking space for any upcoming activity.

Better Homes and Gardens appreciate the wonderful partnership we have with Australia's newsagents. Thanks, as always, for the fantastic support you provide our magazine in your stores and we hope you find Nexus both an enjoyable and practical resource for your business.


Julia Zaetta, Editor