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Diabetic Living: an essential aid to living well with diabetes.

2.4 million Australians are now affected by diabetes – it’s our fastest-growing chronic illness and for every person diagnosed, there’s another who doesn’t know they have it and more still who are at risk of developing it.**

Once you have diabetes, it does not go away – staying well needs careful management of your condition to reduce the risk of health complications, ranging from stroke and heart attack to kidney disease and blindness.

This is a daily challenge needing special know-how. That is why a growing army of readers cites Diabetic Living magazine as their prime source of information for general health, food and cooking and diabetes management.

Ensure you maximise the sales potential of Diabetic Living by giving prominent location space using the following tips:

  • Position Better Homes and GardensDiabetic Living on the flat in the Health category
  • Dual locate copies for the first week of on-sale near Better Homes and Gardens at the front of store
  • When placed in the racking, position copies in waterfall style displays to gain additional exposure
  • Use your windows and high traffic locations for promotional activity
  • Ensure issues promoted with added values are re-stocked and supported with point of sale
  • If you are an Impact merchandised account, your merchandiser will speak to you about booking space for any upcoming activity

Our food pages – filled with delicious recipes especially designed for people with diabetes – are a major drawcard and readers know they can depend on our features for up-to-date and trustworthy advice on health and diabetes management, nutrition, weight control, exercise and coping with the emotional impact of their condition. Diabetes is a big deal – it costs our economy $14.6 billion every year in health support, medical care and lost workdays.** Diabetic Living is recognised by loyal readers and health professionals as an essential tool in both preventing and managing this disease.

Kind Regards,

Alix Davis, Editor


**Source: Diabetes Australia ('Diabetes in Australia')