marie claire profile

At marie claire, we pride ourselves on our ability to surprise the reader and continually give her something fresh, new, exciting and provocative.

The Australian issue of marie claire boasts a strong and loyal readership and continues to be one of the most admired and respected magazines in the country. marie clarie is Australia’s number one fashion magazine and has been for over 19 years. 

To help ensure that you maximise the sales potential for your store here are some useful positioning tips:

  • Position marie clarie on the flat in the Women’s Lifestyle/ Fashion next to InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.
  • marie claire remains the No. 1 title within this category
  • Dual position copies in promotional areas at the front of store for the first week of on sale
  • When placed in the racking, position copies in waterfall style displays to gain additional exposure
  • Use your windows and high traffic locations for promotional activity
  • Ensure issues promoted with added values are re-stocked and supported with point of sale
  • If you are an Impact merchandised account, your merchandiser will speak to you about booking space for any upcoming activity

marie claire boasts a unique mix of feature and fashion stories – both are equally important to the success of the magazine with great time, effort and skill devoted to keeping that balance and giving the reader a cross-section of stories and inspirational ideas.

We understand that the marie claire reader is fascinated by what the world has to offer, and how she presents herself to that world. This is a woman who likes to be challenged and informed at all levels and with this uppermost in mind, marie claire presents new, innovative and inspirational ideas, combining style with common-sense. A magazine of contrasts, it beckons its readers with pages of the finest fashion, beauty and lifestyle elements.



Nicky Briger, Editor