Men's Health profile

Men’s Health is the leading magazine in the highly competitive men’s lifestyle category.

Men’s Health magazine can sit in the men’s lifestyle category; however Men’s Health readers are also heavy consumers of newspapers and business magazines. Take advantage of this correlation by displaying Men’s Health with these products, in addition to sitting among the men’s lifestyle magazines.

  • Men’s Health remains the No. 1 Men’s Lifestyle title within this category
  • Position Men’s Health on the flat in the Men’s Lifestyle category next to Men's Fitness.
  • Dual position copies in promotional area at the front of store for the first week of on sale
  • When placed in the racking, position copies in waterfall style displays to gain additional exposure
  • Use your windows and high traffic locations for promotional activity
  • Ensure issues promoted with added values are re-stocked and supported with point of sale
  • If you are an Impact merchandised account, your merchandiser will speak to you about booking space for any upcoming activity

“Each month at Men’s Health we set out to give men the tools they need to lead better lives,” explains Men’s Health editor Luke Benedictus. "Every story in the magazine is full of expert tips to help our readers become healthier, happier and more successful. Whether you're trying to get in shape, beat stress or ask your boss for a pay-rise, you'll find the answers in Men's Health."

“Whether we're interviewing top sportsmen, Hollywood actors, war heroes or leading chefs, our goal is always the same. We want to uncover the secrets of their success and pass their life-lessons onto our readers. Men's Health is aimed at active, performance-driven men who want to realise their full potential. Our goal is to help them to that destination as quickly as possible."


Kind regards,

Luke Benedictus, Editor