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that's life! is the number 1 selling real-life magazine in Australia. We have been the most successful real-life magazine for over two decades.

As the third-highest selling weekly magazine and fifth most read magazine in Australia, that's life! holds a unique place in the lives of heartland Australian women. Our readers are not interested in the latest celebrity gossip. She is profoundly interested in her own world, which has the family at its core. Through that's life! she is connected to the everday lives of other women and each week she looks forward to reading about their highs and lows.

As well as the best real-life stories, our readers enjoy our mix of budget-friendly recipes, top reader tips, short fiction and brain-teasing puzzles - coupled with the chance to win BIG!

Add it all up, and you've got her must-have purchase for the week - that's life!

Our loyal readers represent valuable foot traffic to newsagents. To help maximise the sales potential for that’s life! in your store here are some useful positioning tips:

  • Locate that’s life! on the flat at the front of store next to Take 5
  • When positioning in the upright racking full face, to gain additional exposure place copies in a waterfall style display.
  • Dual locate copies in high traffic locations for the first 3 days of on-sale
  • Use your windows and high traffic locations for promotional activity
  • Ensure issues promoted with added values are re-stocked and supported with point of sale
  • If you are an Impact merchandised account, your merchandiser will speak to you about booking space for any upcoming activity.

Kind regards,

Linda Smith, Editor